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Hailey and Adison Hillstead are the directors and owners of Ground Control Studio of Twin Falls, Idaho. Hailey Hillstead (Everton) is a Twin Falls native who grew up performing, competing, and instructing dance and musical theatre in Twin Falls, Idaho, SLC, Utah and Portland, Oregon performing with RTC, Clog America, Powerhouse, Theatre Dinosaurus, Mask and Mirror Theatre, iN GAUGE Dance Company and Magic Valley Repertoire Theatre. Adison Hillstead is a Wyoming native who grew up competing, coaching and dancing in Evanston, Wyoming and SLC, Utah performing with Dance Attack, Clog America, Powerhouse, Mask and Mirror Theatre, MVRT and ALL THAT. They have a combined background of clogging, power tap, hip hop, American folk dance, cheer, musical theatre and ballroom. The two of them have performed all over the world and the United States together over 8 years touring and competing and are the current lead show choir choreographers for TFHS JIVE. Hailey and Adison share a deep love for clogging and dance and enjoy teaming up to create powerful, competitive classes and teams for Ground Control Studio! Both Adison and Hailey are dancers on the National All-American Clogging Team and

four time directors of the year with numerous National awards both with their studio and individually.

The Hilllsteads continue to compete, travel and perform with their elite pro team, Kryptonix.

Besides the love they have for teaching dance and bonding with their Ground Control dance family, Adison and Hailey enjoy the great outdoors with their own little family. They have a sweet, energetic 8 year old who loves to sing and dance ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and tumbling. Two fur babies also occupy their home- a very tender-loving brindle pit and a boisterous tabby cat, all of whom are very used to the chaotic life of a traveling dance family!

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Kali grew up in Kimberly, Idaho dancing and competing in Twin Falls, Idaho. She attended BYU-Idaho where she expanded her dance repertoire to include tap, Irish step dancing, and many world dance styles. She was also a member of the BYU-Idaho Collegiate and Dance Alliance Team. After college, Kali married James Payne and has lived in China, San Jose, California, and now Twin Falls with her husband and two daughters. Kali teaches the beginner and advanced adult clogging classes and the clogging teams at Ground Control. Kali is so excited to be dancing again with Ground Control and has loved being able to teach clogging with the studio that taught her so much growing up.








2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Top Ten National Clogging Directors of the Year- Adison and Hailey Hillstead


2005, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2018 National Male Freestyle MVP Champion- 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 Idaho State Male Freestyle Champion- Adison Hillstead


2009 National A Cappella MVP Champion- 2009 & 2016 Idaho State A Cappella Champion- Hailey Everton-Hillstead





2019 Idaho State Sr. A Cappella & Sr. Male Freestyle Champion- Logan Quinton

2019 Idaho State Jr. A Cappella Champion- Elizabeth Quinton

2019 Idaho State Sr. A Cappella Duet Champions- Logan and Elizabeth Quinton

2018 Idaho State Sr. Male Freestyle Champion- Eli Olsen

2017 National Male Rookie MVP Freestyle Champion- Amos Olsen

2017 Idaho State Sr. A Cappella Duet Champions- Eli Olsen & Kennedy Clasby

2017 Idaho State Sr. A Cappella & Sr. Male Freestyle Champion- Logan Quinton

2017 Idaho State Jr. Female Freestyle- Izabelle Harris

2016 National A Cappella MVP Duet Champions- 2016 Idaho State Jr. A Cappella Duet Champions- 

Eli Olsen & Logan Quinton

2016 Idaho State Jr. Male Freestyle Champion- Eli Olsen


2015 National A Cappella MVP Champion- 2015 Idaho State A Cappella Champion-

Logan Quinton


2015 National A Cappella MVP Duet Champions- 2015 Idaho State A Cappella Duet Champions-

Abby Bitzenburg and Logan Quinton

2015 Idaho State Jr. Male Freestyle Champion- Eli Olsen






2019 Idaho State Traditional Line Team- Kryptonix

2018 National MVP A Cappella Production- Kryptonix


2018 National MVP Small Team Open- GC4

2017 National Showcase Studio- Ground Control Studio (Kryptonix)

2017 National Superstar Advanced Team- Ground Control Prodigy


2017 Idaho State Line Team, Open Team & Traditional Line Team- Kryptonix


2015 National MVP A Cappella Team- Pride


2015 Idaho State A Cappella Team- Pride 


2015 National Superstar Championship Team- Thunder


2014 National MVP A Cappella Team- Pride


2014 Idaho State A Cappella Team- Pride




As life-long dancers and performers, we are thrilled to grow our studio and to help raise up our dancers to become successful young adults. WE TAKE OUR JOBS VERY SERIOUSLY and we value the life lessons dance teaches us. Our goal is to coach our dancers on proper dance technique and performance attitude from beginner to professional level and to help them fall in love with the arts. We encourage students to learn how to push themselves and sharpen their performance skills so they may gain the confidence they need to carry on their dance experiences at other institutions they may pursue after Ground Control Studio. 


                                                                        -Hailey and Adison Hillstead


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